Amazonian Magic Mushrooms
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Effects of Amazonian Magic Mushrooms

The Amazonian Magic Mushroom is known for its high potency, thanks to its elevated levels of psilocin and psilocybin. These mushrooms have a profound impact on serotonin levels, leading to an uplifted mood. Additionally, they affect the thalamus, the sensory region of the brain, resulting in hallucinatory effects accompanied by heightened anxiety and reduced alertness. Moderate to high doses can induce vivid hallucinations, while smaller amounts cause a shift in perception. Overall, a medium dose of Amazonian Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms offers a psychedelic experience, while consuming a high quantity (above 2.5 grams) leads to intense hallucinations. Consequently, Amazonian Shrooms are an excellent choice for large festivals and gatherings. You can conveniently purchase Amazonian magic mushrooms online in Australia.

Effects and Medical Uses of Amazonian Mushrooms

Beyond the transcendent experiences induced by psilocybin, these magic mushrooms have shown promise in treating various behavioral and mental disorders. They effectively alleviate symptoms of OCD and aid in overcoming alcohol addiction and smoking cessation. Moreover, they have been found to significantly reduce the likelihood of relapse. Amazonian Mushrooms also exhibit the potential to accelerate fear conditioning reduction, making them a promising treatment for PTSD.

However, it is crucial to administer the correct dosage to avoid adverse effects. When used in a controlled, supportive, and psychotherapeutic environment, Amazonian Magic Mushrooms do not pose serious side effects. Higher doses of psilocybin may cause anxiety due to a perceived loss of control or ego dissolution. Mild side effects typically include heightened fear, paranoia, unusual body sensations, dizziness, and increased heart rate or blood pressure. It is advisable for individuals consuming Amazonian Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms to have a sober-minded individual nearby for supervision. This ensures a safe and supportive environment, helping the user navigate their experience until they return to reality.


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